PUBLIC KITCHEN mobile ideation kit


Design Studio for Social Intervention

Mobile Ideation Kit

Branding, Visual, Interaction and Product Design


We worked with the Design Studio for Social Intervention to design a visual survey method and branding for their project Public Kitchen.

With the goal of creating ways to make preparation and enjoyment of food a more public and shared experience, the Studio wanted to take this idea to different communities and lead brainstorming sessions.

With magnetic chalkboards and a collapsible easel, we made a very portable station for exploring and soliciting ideas. Combining original designs with those from the Noun Project, 30 visual ideas came to life in 5 categories: SHARE, SOCIALIZE, GET OUTSIDE, LEARN and EARN & SAVE.

Participants could pick and choose their favorites to add to a smaller board representing their "dream kitchen." Blank magnets were included so that new ideas could be added to the mix. Participants were then photographed with their board to record a visual survey.


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