The Gift Cycle


PDA Studio Project

Circulatory gift economy

Conceptual design activation, visual design, stop-motion animation


The Gift Cycle was a circulatory gift economy connecting artists nationwide in summer 2008.

Gifts of art were biked by Sarah Sandman and Melissa Small from local artists of one community to local artists of the next community en route.

The trip started in Providence, RI and ended in Seattle, WA. We biked the entire journey and were joined by 15 others at various points. Art exchange events took place along the way. The events were held in gallery spaces, bars and cafes in Providence RI, New London CT, Brooklyn NY, Lancaster PA, Columbus OH, Cincinnati OH, St Louis MO, Lawrence KS, Guffey CO, Breckenridge CO, Missoula MT, Portland OR and Seattle WA.

At these events, artists brought a piece of art and exchanged it for a piece of art. No money involved. Just gifts. The art from Seattle was brought back to Providence and given to the original contributors, completing the cycle.