Hostos Hands Up


Hostos Community College, Black Studies Unit and Media Design Programs

Collaborative Protest Sign-making

Graphic Design, workshop leading


A collaboration of the Black Studies Unit and the Media Design Programs of Hostos Community College, this project was initiated by students in response to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. 

In the tradition of W.E.B. DuBois and Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Media Design students from Hostos Community College joined the Black Lives Matter movement as scholar-activists. To engage the design skills of our students in this effort, PDA led a collaborative protest sign-making workshop on campus, from which a design emerged that joined our students' voices in a unified aesthetic while also making room for individual expression.

The students took their campaign to the streets for the New York City Millions March on December 13, 2015, from which their work was displayed at the RESPOND exhibition at Smack Mellon gallery in Brooklyn, New York, January 20-February 22, 2015. 



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Short video made by Hostos Community College student Varnell Pritchett.